Our Services

In every endeavor RTCMC takes, we ensure that we provide only the best service available by creating superior value for our customers, employees, communities and investors. We provide the following services:


We provide consultancy to companies by creating value for their organizations, through the application of knowledge, techniques and assets to translate ideas into concept or to improve business operation and performance successfully by offering advice or solutions and recommendations.


Our professional and certified team works closely with our clients providing complete portfolio for startups and already operating businesses. We are involved with our clients from the planning stage until the final milestone of project achievements. We provide support on all wireless technologies and IT infrastructure, including full scale engineering and implementations in network deployments, data center, disaster recovery, security and support.


We follow the international certified standards in our consultancy approaches, providing full support and services to all healthcare authorities and entities and creating extraordinary quality results. Our strengths are complemented in building hospitals and clinics, from planning and designing concepts to the finish line, complying with the international codes and standards. We also support other areas from screening and selecting certified staff to procurement of approved medical equipment and products.

Human Resource Management

The concept of human resource is simply to support organizations to sustain a successful business operation. At RTCMC, we provide complete support to organizations in creating their policies and procedures, job descriptions, training and career developments, salary assessments, rewarding / incentive schemes, performance appraisals, employment contracts, payroll solutions, administration works, employment eligibility checks, etc.

Facility Management

Recent studies indicate that many establishments choose to outsource facility management duties to specialists to reduce costs and improve operations without the overhead and logistics expenses. Facility management encompasses multiple disciplines and RTCMC’s professional specialists have the ability in integrating people, places, processes and technologies in any built environment under the codes of efficiency and safety. RTCMC supports your requirements from janitorial services, security, property or building maintenance, engineering services, telecommunications and information systems.

Buildings Maintenance

RTCMC’s FM professionals will provide cost effective solutions for comprehensive building management and maintenance. Our team is experienced in maintenance, installations, and proactive solutions for basic MEP building services.

Janitorial services

RTCMC has a team of well-trained cleaners who are excellent in maintaining order and cleanliness. Our cleaners use only the recommended chemicals and latest equipment to achieve excellent service and ensure top quality results. Your satisfaction is definitely our priority.


RTCMC is a provider of security solutions. Our security professionals are trained in protecting people, property and assets. We invest in a highly skilled workforce to give our clients the confidence to trust us with their safety.

Corporate Solutions & Event Management

New corporate strategies in today’s challenging market include the eliminations of noncore functions due to unjustified budgetary costs. Organizations often face challenges to meet ad hoc or unplanned requirements at the last minute.

Corporate Solutions

RTCMC offers integrated corporate solutions. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to providing high quality services for the following needs:

  • Printing: RTCMC is the best choice for your printing needs. We design and print brochures, training materials, textbooks, exhibition posters, etc.

  • Corporate Catering: RTCMC’s flexible menu and competitive prices keep our clients happy. We are able to support your catering requirements with 2 days advance notice and the luxury to select your favorite cuisine for your office lunches, meetings, training, and conferences.

  • Corporate Advertising and Media Promotions: RTCMC’s team can assist your company in corporate branding and re-branding. Our team of marketing specialists will help your organization in creating and planning marketing strategies to advertise and promote your products and services.

  • Artwork: RTCMC specializes in Artworks – whether you need to repaint your office to give it a new look, create a billboard, do artworks for empty walls, or design offices and spaces for specific events. Our talented artists will meet with you and discuss your needs and preferences. With their artistic mindset and excellent skills, we assure you fantastic results.

Events Management

RTCMC offers personalized service in all aspects of event planning and management, be it small meetings, office parties, corporate gatherings, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, team building, festivals and celebrations. We offer integrated solutions designed to help you plan or manage your event, fully or only in areas you need.

We, at RTCMC, take pride in how we value our relationship with our clients. Our friendly and efficient events planners and managers are quick to establish a personal connection with our clients, allowing us to fully understand exactly what our clients are seeking, what they want to happen and our team delivers exactly what the client aims for.

Training and Development

At RTCMC, we believe that the reason behind our success is a strong team. In order to keep our team motivated and knowledgeable, we provide Training and Development in multiple areas – leadership, initiative and problem-solving, time management, Project Management. We believe that companies, in order to maintain their resources’ excellent performance in meeting organizational objectives, must provide training and development.

RTCMC provides tailored training and development based on your needs. Our expert training coaches will design the proper training and development program to effectively motivate your people and become more results-oriented.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

RTCMC offers procurement services depending on an organization’s needs while utilizing a wide array of vendors list and manufacturers. As a first step, our Procurement Team will meet with you to identify and understand your needs, requirements and delivery schedules. Upon reaching a mutual agreement, our team will make sure that your needs are procured at the best possible cost while meeting your expectations when it comes to quality, quantity and delivery. At RTCMC, we simply deliver what we say.

One of our goals is to strengthen our integrated support while promoting innovation across the following industries:

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